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San Diego CityBeat reviews Alyosha

Read this for another excellent write-up about Alyosha by CityBeat’s Seth Combs. Thanks Seth!

Interview/Alyosha review in June 2010 issue of Java Magazine

Click here to read a very nice review of Alyosha in the excellent Java Magazine. Thanks Mitchell!

CMJ Artist Spotlight

Looks like I just got featured on CMJ’s Sonicbids Spotlight! Read it here.

“His instrument narrates the complexities of being a young American circa 2010 right back at him…”
Read this and other reviews of Alyosha here.


The music of Tobie Milford has been described as an “ethereal symphony of sound”, using loop pedals to layer multiple violin parts and combine them his own vocals. This culminates in a nuanced and unique sound: ambient, minimalist string textures, quartet-style harmonies, sophisticated plucking patterns, and dynamic vocal melodies. His songwriting has led [...]